About Grow-Self

Hi 👋 I am Sudheer, founder of Grow-Self

Grow-Self is a place to learn about various topics related to self growth such as Self-Improvement, Productivity, Career, Investing & Personal Finance.

I started this with a personal goal of learning new things & sharing knowledge about them.

I strive to share interesting and useful content that can help solve a problem or provide insightful information on a particular topic.

All the articles published here are carefully reviewed by me to ensure accurate information is provided.

I also accept Guest Posts that are written well and provide valuable information that can help people in any way possible.

If you are interested, you can contact me at sudheer@grow-self.com

A little bit of info about me:

I’m a full-time digital marketer working remotely in India.

I graduated in Information Technology from James Cook University, Singapore.

I am also a hobbyist photographer. I organized more than 50 photowalks in Singapore as a member of Singapore Weekend Photography community. I post my photographs on Instagram @sudheer.paturi

Sudheer Paturi