9 Universities offering degree programs in Quantum Computing

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Quantum Computing combines quantum mechanics, an advanced theory in physics, with the field of computation to create devices and algorithms that are significantly faster than the current computers. The field is among the hottest technologies with technological giants such as Google, Microsoft, and IBM investing millions of dollars into developing Quantum Computers.

Pursuing a career in this field can turn out to be highly lucrative and recently several prestigious universities have started offering courses and specialisations for the same.

Below are few universities from across the globe offering degrees/programs related to Quantum Computing:

1. University of New South Wales

UNSW is offering a four year Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering with a focus on Quantum Computing. The degree is taught by world leading Quantum Engineering researchers with significant background. As part of the degree, there is a 60 days Industrial Training which provides a Work Integrated Learning experience. The university is located in Sydney, Australia and the international fee for the entire program is AUD 204, 560.

🔗 Link to university’s webpage: University of New South Wales

2. University of Waterloo

University of Waterloo’s Institute of Quantum Computing is among the few institutes around the world that offers a complete degree in this domain. The institute located in Ontario, Canada offers an interdisciplinary graduate program in Quantum Information that leads to MMath, MSc, MASc, and PhD degrees. The fees for the program range from 4000 to 7000 Canadian Dollars (depending on which specific program you end up pursuing).

🔗 Link to university’s webpage: University of Waterloo

3. Duke University

Duke University offers Quantum Computing Concentration as a part of its MS or MEng degrees. The Duke ECE Quantum Computing Concentration has two tracks—Software and Hardware. Duke University is located in North Carolina, United States. The MS program costs about $120,000.

🔗 Link to university’s webpage: Duke University

4. University of Toronto

The university located in Toronto offers a 16-month masters program offering students in-depth computing training, as well as advanced understanding of computer science methods. The program costs about 80,000 Canadian Dollars.

🔗 Link to university’s webpage: University of Toronto

5. King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals (KFUPM)

KFUPM located in Saudi Arabia offers a quantum computing concentration as a part of its MSc Physics program. This interdisciplinary program covers an emerging discipline in computing and sensing that utilises quantum theory. The program costs 60,000 Saudi Riyals.

🔗 Link to university’s webpage: KFUPM

6. University of New Mexico

The University of New Mexico offers PhD in Physics With Concentration in Quantum Information Science. The university is located in the New Mexico state of the United States. The cost of attendance for one year at university is $26,000 and the total cost will depend on the number of years needed to complete the program.

🔗 Link to university’s webpage: University of New Mexico

7. University of California Los Angeles

The University of California Los Angeles offers a Master of Quantum Science and Technology (M.Q.S.T.) degree which is a 1-year program. The cost of the program is about $35,000 per year.

🔗 Link to university’s website: University of California Los Angeles

8. University College London

The University College London located in Bloomsbury in London offers an MSc degree in Quantum Technologies. The fees for this 1-year degree is £12,900. The degree will take students to the cutting-edge of research in the emerging area of quantum technologies.

🔗 Link to university’s website: University College London

9. Australian National University

ANU offers a two year full time master of science program in Quantum Technology. The cost for the program is AUD 47,940 per year for International students. In QS 2022 rankings, ANU is ranked no.1 in Australia for Physics & Astronomy courses.

🔗 Link to university’s webpage: Australian National University

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