10 Realistic Future Jobs that will be in Demand in India

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Machines and technology have taken over and are shaping the course of job requirements and options. For instance, print journalism has depleted severely due to the rise of technology, and online journalism has witnessed a surge due to the growing digitalization of news.

In India, the future will introduce a significant change in job options. Being aware of them and planning your course will help when you are hunting for jobs or pursuing studies that will eventually land you one of the jobs you’re aiming to take up in the future.

Ten future jobs that will be in demand in India

Environmental Jobs

Future jobs in demand in India - Environmental Jobs

The world has witnessed a surge in the requirement for environmental professionals. As the world develops, the consequences will also rise. One of the most important consequences is the impact of growth on nature/the environment. One aiming to join the field of environment can become a conservationist, an environmental economist, or even an environmental journalist. For instance, environmental economists must reduce carbon emissions and manage the expenditure revolving around it. 


The ever-growing field of medicine in India requires pharmacologists now more than ever. The recent pandemic demonstrated how poor the country’s pharma sector is and that there is a long way to go ahead. On top of that, pharmacists will face new challenges as automation takes over many jobs that initially require manual labor. Biotech industries, universities (medical colleges especially), research labs and organizations, etc., are places to seek employment when involved in this field. 

Game Design

Future jobs in demand in India - Game Design

Online gaming is finally getting recognition, as is evident from the recent acknowledgment by the prime minister of India. It is most definitely not a small sector. However, there is a societal stigma that the gaming industry is not an actual job. Parents usually prefer their children to enter the mainstream career line without getting involved in gaming and other less popular career paths. Although gaming was not so popular some time ago, that fact has become obsolete now. Video games are the new craze, and thanks to mobile phones, video games have reached a new level. According to a study by Statista, India witnessed a growth of 165 percent in online game downloads on mobile app stores between 2016 to 2018. 

Aspirants can pursue to become any of the following:

  • Animators
  • Software developers/engineers
  • Graphic Designers
  • Web Designers and Developers

Blockchain Developer

A lot of people are unaware of this particular job or field. Cryptocurrency is something many people consider an anomaly. However, that shouldn’t be the case. It is a highly lucrative field if adequately taken into consideration. Explaining the frenzy around crypto is unnecessary as enough headlines about how crypto shook the world resonate. The 2022 Union Budget had a particular focus on crypto and digital assets, marking the future of crypto promising in the country.

Blockchain development is a lucrative position as a job, and one can learn the job requirements through online courses available in abundance. 

AI and Machine Learning Expert

The world is moving towards automation, and there’s no turning back now. Fields like education, health, finance, manufacturing, etc., have grown to be dependent upon artificial intelligence. According to an article on Business Insider, the demand for experts in this field is very high, but the supply of suitable candidates is scarce. It’s an opportunity like no other. As spaces are available in huge numbers, you might be able to secure a job in this field. This career path will be one of the best in the forthcoming decades. With time, this field will witness more competition. So, it is wise to indulge in this job option as soon as possible.

Digital Marketer

Another tech-related job that is of utmost importance is Digital Marketing. The pandemic forced many businesses to shift online, which caused a lot of trouble as the companies were unaware of how to attract customers. Digital Marketers come in here to attract customers online. With the number of smartphones purchased increasing day by day, the need for digital marketers is also growing. Undoubtedly, one of the best options as a career path, this field has witnessed a growth of 25-30% as an industry in India.

To become a digital marketer, one needs to learn skills such as Search Engine Optimization, Content Management, and Marketing and also needs to have some creative skills to grab the attention of customers.

Medical Professionals

Future jobs in demand in India - Medical Professionals

Eliminating jobs related to engineering and medicine from the list is not possible, especially in a country such as India, where most people are looking to enter the field of engineering or medicine. This list has mentioned a few jobs related to engineering. Medicine offers a wide variety of options; from a physician to a nurse, many options are available in this field. Given how complicated and necessary this field is, the number of jobs is high. After all, no one can eliminate the requirement for medical treatment from people’s lives.

Data Professionals

In today’s world, information is the biggest and most important asset. Everything is measured and stored, from one’s credit card number to someone’s weight and height. In the current scenario, data increases every day without enough people to manage it and make sense of it. What’s the point of accumulating so much information if a favorable outcome doesn’t get created! 

This lack of data professionals creates a requirement for people who can help with handling data. In the future, the data will not deplete, that’s for sure. So, the question is what kind of jobs will become the craze or be in demand related to data and other domains under its umbrella.

Drone Operators and Engineers

With India quickening its pace on various inventions in the aviation and defense sector, drones are an area that will be promising in the future. On top of that, the usage of drones does not get limited to defense only, it is expanding to agriculture, disaster prevention, and management, crowd control, surveillance, filmmaking, etc.

For instance, in the Union Budget 2022, the Finance Minister of India, Nirmala Sitharaman, introduced a new move known as “Drone Shakti”. It aims to give the drone sector in India a boost.

Cybersecurity Professionals

Future jobs in demand in India - CyberSecurity

With the rapid enhancement and growth, the risks and exposure to vulnerability also increase. The world requires cybersecurity professionals to ensure that users data is secure and no cybercrimes occur. According to a study by Statista, people throughout the country and the globe conducted around 1.1 million cyber-attacks in 2020. And these are not the total numbers. The actual numbers are higher than depicted because it is not feasible for the study to gather data on the whole country’s population, and not all cyber attacks get reported. The requirement for cybersecurity professionals will only surge given the rapid technological developments that display no signs of slowing down. 

One can pursue becoming a data retrieval specialist, cybersecurity analyst, data negotiator, etc. On top of that, services such as Instagram, Twitter and others require cyber professionals to ensure the smooth functioning of their platforms. 

There are many jobs and opportunities at the disposal of candidates and aspirants. Picking a career path according to your interest would be best because disinterest could lead to you hating the job no matter your pay grade, leading to mental health problems or disorders. There are so many options in positions that finding the perfect job for yourself is not a herculean task anymore.

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